BNPL company Waylog went from 20 million to 500 million SEK with Froda Embedded

The buy-now-pay-later company Waylog was founded in 2022. Since its inception, the company's total lending has grown from 20 million to 500 million SEK, and they have expanded to four new markets. A key factor behind Waylog's rapid growth has been their early partnership with Froda as a financing partner, providing them with easy access to capital. The partnership is part of Froda's international expansion journey.

Froda Embedded was started in 2021 as a business area within Froda, aiming to assist fintech companies and banks in scaling up their offerings and expanding into new markets through seamless API integration. Waylog is an example of how embedded financing enables the development of scalable financing solutions that become increasingly sophisticated as a company grows. Over time, Waylog's integration level has evolved in parallel with its growing portfolio, transaction volume, and technical foundation. The company now operates a fully automated, customized API solution ready to support its continued growth and expansion.

– With Embedded financing, we can now help growth companies offer their customers flexible financing solutions. Before we had authorization from the FI (Financial Supervisory Authority), access to smart and flexible capital was a major growth inhibitor for us. Now, we can help Waylog avoid the same challenge. Being a part of their growth journey is fantastic, says Olle Lundin, CEO of Froda.

In just one year, Waylog has evolved from a newcomer to a reliable financier within the supply chain for hundreds of companies in the Nordics and the UK. Through Waylog's platform, customers can apply for a free credit limit, which can be used to pay up to 120 days before repayment to Waylog is due. This way, customers can optimize their liquidity, secure better order terms, and inject capital into their businesses without giving up control or ownership. Behind Waylog's platform is Froda Embedded as the financier. The rapid growth journey is a great example of how Froda Embedded can help fintechs and banks grow.

– Waylog fundamentally revitalizes an old financial product and makes it more adaptable and flexible to meet our customers' unique needs. The ease of integration and the potential to scale outside of Sweden have been crucial to our ability to grow at the pace we have. Froda has played a crucial role in this, says Jens Malmqvist, co-founder of Waylog.

About Waylog:
Founded in 2022 by Jens Malmqvist and Nils Ohlsén, Waylog has experienced exponential growth from the beginning and quickly established itself as a reliable partner for importing companies in the Nordics and the UK. Since its inception, Waylog's total lending has reached 500 million SEK in financing, representing a remarkable growth of 2500 percent. The company has also expanded its services to include several Nordic countries and the UK.

About Froda
Froda was founded with a clear mission – to revolutionize the banking experience for entrepreneurs by making it easy and affordable for them to invest in their ideas. By digitizing the process, being data-driven, and applying machine learning, we can not only be faster than traditional banks but also more objective, precise, and fair in our assessments. Today, we are one of Sweden’s fastest-growing fintech companies with significant international expansion plans. Since the start, we have helped more than 50,000 businesses grow, and through Froda Embedded, we have made it possible for partners to connect to our technologically advanced financing platform to offer financing to their customers.