Froda and Yabie sign partnership to democratize small-business financing and entrepreneurship

Froda and Yabie are two of Sweden’s fastest-growing fintech companies. Now, they are entering into a new partnership to launch Yabie Loans, a new service for entrepreneurs looking to invest in their ideas and grow their business. The service is based on Froda’s tech platform Financing as a Service.

Many young companies struggle to get financing for bigger purchases during their low season, for covering unforeseen expenses, or to invest in their future. This partnership means Yabie can offer business loans with great rates and terms directly to their customers through Froda.

– Our vision is to make financing with fair rates and terms more accessible. This partnership is an important step towards that goal. Through our tech platform Financing as a Service, we can offer financing to even more small-business owners via our partners. The focus Yabie has on innovation and accessibility, and its ambition to make everyday life easier for entrepreneurs, are qualities that we share and value equally at Froda, says Olle Lundin, CEO at Froda.

At a time when the economy is facing headwinds, financing becomes even more important for startups and small businesses to stay afloat and invest for the future. The partnership between Yabie and Froda gives entrepreneurs access to capital via a full-service solution which is also integrated in their daily operation through Yabie’s checkout system.

– We are very happy to be able to launch Yabie Loans, building out another part of our ecosystem that is tailored specifically to small-business owners. Through this partnership, our customers will get the opportunity to apply for financing with reasonable rates and terms directly through our product. We know that getting financing for a small business can be a complicated and painful process – a process that we want to democratize, says Mathias Plank, CEO at Yabie.

Yabie Loans was developed through Froda’s tech platform Financing as a Service. The platform gives payment processing firms, neobanks, enterprise resource planning companies, and service companies, the opportunity to offer loans to their customers. Yabie Loans will launch on November 1 and be available to all of Yabie’s customers.

About Froda
Froda was founded in 2015 with a clear vision – to revolutionize the banking experience for entrepreneurs by making it easy and affordable to invest in their ideas. Today, Froda is one of the fastest-growing fintechs in the Nordics with large international growth plans. Froda is a fintech company with the ambition to help small businesses grow.

Froda is a regulated credit institution with government deposit guarantee and under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

About Yabie
Yabie is a Swedish fintech company that has developed a flexible and mobile Point-of-Sale and Payments solution. It began its journey in 2017 when Yabie was tasked with developing a payments solution for all the Apple Certified retail stores in the Nordics. Since then, its client base has grown to over 5,000 businesses. Yabie has since its inception raised over 500 million SEK in venture capital from investors, including Creades, Swedbank, NFT Ventures, and Brightly Ventures. The company was founded by the serial entrepreneur Mathias Plank, who serves as its CEO. Fun fact: يبيع (Yabie) means “to sell” in Arabic